Whataview Weaver is a home-based operation, part of Whataview Farm.  Our family farm, located in the NE corner of Vilas county, Wisconsin, has an outstanding view of Big Sand Lake and the upper peninsula of Michigan - hence our name!  If you stop by our shop/ studio in the spring of the year, you’ll see John evaporating maple sap in our sugarbush to produce his delicious maple syrup.  During the rest of the year, he is busy raising a flock of sheep to produce market lambs, hides, and wool, as well as hives of bees to provide natural honey for sale.  Mary spins some of that wool into versatile yarns.  She is also devoted to weaving award-winning rugs, and table runners, and knitting her hand spun wool yarn into hats that are then felted.  The studio in our home displays all these items as well as catnip pockets, and various seasonal herbal items such as lavender wands.

Make a point of visiting our beautiful, relaxing gardens while you are here.  Pots of perennials are often for sale in the summer.

If we’re home, we’re open!

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